Thursday, 8 November 2018

New York City Installation

A little story by Ali Rogers about an installation far away from its origin in Scotland. you know how your parents would tell you that one thing leads to another thing, and you never know exactly how a kindness plays out?

Well, please see the attached photo of a stained-glass piece....this was a closing gift from me to a buyer client, C.

C's day job is to hunt down corporations that are committing tax fraud, so she's really doing the Lord's work. I knew I wanted to get her something REALLY special.
As you can see, that ended up being a Stephen Richard original.

If Peter hadn't introduced me to Faith, who introduced me to John, who introduced me to Mark and Rhona, who introduced me to Stephen, it wouldn't have happened.

(Of course Stephen had to put up with about three dozen emails from me along the line too.)
But now, there's a little more happiness in the world, and a little more beauty. All because someone in Chicago thought I should meet someone in New York who though I should meet someone in England who thought I should meet someone in Scotland. Thank you all!!


Another view of the panel in place.

I'm really pleased that the panel arrived in New York City in one piece.  I'm also pleased that both "cleints" are pleased with the result.  It is the second NYC project.  It would be nice to get more.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

West End Rebuild

I was called out to look at a door panel that had been broken because a delivery person decided to knock on the glass rather than the door frame.  In doing so, he broke one pane and unshipped some others.  The client and I agreed on a price.  In removing it, it became apparent that there were even more broken joints than I noticed initially.  When we got it back to the studio, we began preparations to take it apart and rebuild it.

Beginning the dismantling after taking a rubbing

Placing the dismantled pieces on the rubbing
After the rebuild, we installed the door panel with great success.

Installed door pane from the inside
Re-instated door panel from the outside
The replacement glass is not apparent without close inspection, all the glass is clean and the lead and joints are sound for a few more generations.

Sunday, 11 March 2018


The big aperture drop for the Willow Tea Rooms has been good experience for smaller projects.

I am in the process of helping to create an oval sink with a specific height, and dimensions at the top.  Rather than creating a custom mould, it was decided to do a free drop to the desired height with a flat bottom to the sink.

View from above of the slumped blank
An aperture in the desired shape was cut from a 25mm thick board and suspended on bricks at the correct height.  

The set up for the glass

It was set to fire and the person came in the evening to check on progress and advanced to the cooling when the desired amount of glass had touched down to the shelf.

Sink from the end
The flat excess glass was cut away with a tile saw. and then the polishing began.

trimmed and roughed edge

There is quite a bit more grinding to be done to get to the polish stage and then there will be the drilling of the drain for the plumbing fittings.  Only a few weeks until completion.