Sunday, 20 April 2008

Flower series

I have been fascinated by a number glass artists who use powders to "paint" on glass, others sift the powder in an even layer and then cut through to the colour below with wheels or sandblasting.

My variation on this has developed into a series of bowls using flowers as the theme. The way in which you can control the powders through a number of firings gives a subtle graduation of colour. Firing at lower temperatures can give a variety of textures over the 5 - 7 firings required to achieve the colour intensity and graduations. Experience has shown that the bowl form suits the flower shapes well, giving a three-dimensional aspect to the image that is in keeping with the subject.

Below are a number of recent bowls I have completed in preparation for a spring show and possible inclusion in the craftscotland limited edition collection.

Briar Rose 300mm dia.

Briar Rose, 200mm dia.

Plumeria, 300mm dia.

Tulip, 300mm dia.

"Australian Bloom", 400mm dia.