Saturday, 22 May 2010

Golfhill Primary School Mosaic

At last I have the mosaic cleaned and polished. It is ready for presentation to the school on Monday.

I have also received an invitation to a social lunch with the class on Wednesday of the following week. I am told this is an honour occasionally bestowed. I will need to dress up on both Monday and the Wednesday!

Thanks to the teachers, the students, Magda and Pearsons Glass for all the help.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Golfhill Primary School Mosaic

Now that all the pieces are on the grid, it has been taken from the coloured drawing ready for cementing.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Golfhill Primary School Mosaic

On Friday, the whole class arrived and presented me with a card:

I have put this up on one of the studio doors.

After the long weekend, day six of the project had only one panel to work on, as I filled in the few remaining bits of the first panel.

The day ended with almost all the mosiac pieces stuck to the grid on both the panels.

Now I have to fill in various corners and the cementing can begin.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Studio Visits

Yesterday I went to the Fife Open Studios. I went especially to see some glass studios of people that I have come to know, but have never seen where they work. So I got to see where Liz Rowley works. This is a purpose-built studio with windows on two sides, one of which makes a perfect light easel. I was assured that the studio is rarely so neat, but it still looked a workman-like place. She had some work in progress displayed and there were numerous photographs. It was fun for me to see how another person doing very similar work organises things. The studio talks were given by Eilidh Mackenzie who has some of her work displayed too.

I then took my wife on to see where Adrienne McStay works. The address is of a farm, but the setting, although rural, is not mixed with animals and equipment. Her studio is the old dairy of the farm, with interesting rounded ends to the building, and tiled floors. Surrounding her studio are a number of the wood and glass objects she creates. There also is a large canvas covered area to allow her to work outside. Also of course there is a furnace and an annealing oven for her glass work.

These open studio events are really interesting for the maker and general public alike. You can also purchase items direct from the artist, or commission work from them. We purchased a few things:


Amethyst Sea Stone

Green Sea Stone

These are, if you like modern takes on paperweights. I like them for their feel in my hand. Maybe these are my new worry beads.

The Fife Open Studios run until 5pm on Monday. Get along to some of them if you can

Golfhill Primary School Mosaic

Friday was Day 5 of the school mosaic. A lot of work got done, but since the whole class visited in the afternoon, I did not get a photo of the work done on the two panels. Instead here are two photos of the students:
At work

Being photographed.

The whole class presented me with a card, which I will need to photograph to show. You can see the entrance to my studio in the background. I took the students into the studio to show them some of the work I do and answered questions about techniques, work practices, and prices.

After the holidays, the school will come back to finish the project.