Friday, 14 December 2012

Debt Recovery

Yesterday afternoon was finished with an intense period of near panic.

No, I didn't have a debt go bad.  I had a debt collector phone me saying he was from Moss Recoveries and that I owed a bill of £3,900+ to an internet directory company.  Apparently I agreed in early 2011 to a service to keep me on the first page of Google enquiries at £99 + VAT per month and this had by now accumulated to this amazing number.

In spite of my protests at knowing nothing about the company, contract or service they insisted this was the last day I could settle the debt without going to court.  So Moss Recoveries suggested I should contact the business owner on his mobile so some arrangement could be made for payment.  At 4:00pm my bank is normally shut down so paying that day was out of the question.  "Oh, no.  Your bank stays open until 5:00pm at this time of the year."

The discussion with the owner was inconclusive.  Immediately after the conclusion of the discussion with the owner, saying that he would accept no delay in payment "Why would I let you escape for another 12 months when I have you now?" the person from Moss Recoveries phoned asking what resolution had been achieved.

I wanted to have the documents that it was indicated would be sent to me special delivery to substantiate the claim that I owed this enormous amount of money.  They would not allow any delay.  If I did not pay today, they would go to court and the sum owed would be £7,000+.  For some reason I asked what if I did not have the money to pay in full.  The response was that if I paid half now, I would get half of the papers.

At this point I decided that I would fight this.  They had me call a mobile number rather than a land line. They called me on a telephone number which could have been found at any time in the last 24 months. They had my correct address all this time and did not attempt to communicate with me except to a discontinued email address.  Something was not right.

So I told them I was going to talk to my solicitor.  Their parting shot was that they would see me in court.

The solicitor (after I described the incident) said that this probably is a scam, but that nothing can be done but wait to see if papers come for a court appearance.  They need to give at least 7 clear days before the court date to allow me to come to an arrangement for settlement.

I think it is a scam.  The company Moss Recoveries is not findable on the web.  They were never clear about the name of the internet directory company.  But I will have to wait.