Friday, 18 July 2014

Ninteenth Century Glasgow Domestic Glass

An area of Glasgow known as Woodside was developed as a westward expansion of Glasgow in the mid 19th century flourishing of Glasgow's developing industrialisation.  Much of this area of large terraced houses has been converted into office space.  My involvement was to repair some stair landing windows in an expanding business.  Next to the stair I worked in was this stunning window done in the Aesthetic Revival style.  The maker is not known, but seems to me to be done by the Stephen Adam studio in the middle of the century.

The whole window on the half landing with the obscured urban skyline behind

"Industry" on the right of the window

"Peace" on the left

The decorative top left panel

The top right decorative panel

The windows of this nature seem to have been used to conceal the view over the backs of other houses across the service lane for stabling the horses, and delivery of supplies and services to the houses.  It is wonderful to see some of these still existing a century and a half after being installed.19th

Friday, 11 July 2014

Repair of Leaded Glass Panels

I have not posted anything about the classes I offer from time to time before, but this course will include elements to help people care for their windows as well as make repairs to them.

This two day course will give you the initial skills required to undertake the repair of a damaged panel. You will learn of cartoon making, methods to disassemble panels, in situ repairs, glass selection, repair choices, and a number of other things needed to make a panel whole again. Although tools will be provided, you may wish to bring your own as well. You can also bring your own panel for diagnosis, but we will be working on a number of small panels that require repairs.

As well as being pushed in, this panel has a cracked roundel in the middle and a piece missing. Learn how to replace and repair without taking apart

This panel has several pieces broken throughout. Also it needs to be cleaned to bring it back to its former glory. Learn these "trade" secrets and more on this course

Saturday 11 - Sunday 12 October, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
The price of £160 covers tools, materials, and lunches.
Email me at for bookings or further information.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Door Repair

A previous client brought me a whole door to do repairs on last week.  It used to be an inner door for a pub and is very solid.  This is a picture of the repaired glass back in the door, ready for collection.

Repaired Door panel,  re-installed

I hope you cannot see the four repairs.