Glass and Craft Links

Parade Artists Web site of a group of artists who are tenants of WASPS
Warm Glass  The most influential web site and discussion list relating to kiln formed glass
Scottish Glass Society  The web site of glass makers and collectors in Scotland
Contemporary Glass Society  The Uk site for glass workers concentrating on blown and kiln formed glass
Cohesion  The site for promoting glass making in the North East of England with broad content
British Society of Master Glass Painters  The oldest organisation for stained glass in the UK. It concentrates on stained glass with an accreditation programme
Craftscotland   The premiere audience development organisation concentrating on Scottish crafts
Creative Scotland  This is the arts funding organisation for Scotland.  It covers all the arts.
WASPS   The largest provider of artists studios in Scotland.  It is also involved in a number of arts activities

Suppliers of Materials for Glass
Bullseye Glass Company   One of the main fusing glass suppliers with a versatile production range and a strong educational and gallery programme
TGK  One of the two main glass distributors in Europe
Pearsons Glass   Possibly the largest UK glass distributor with a range of materials and services
Kansa  A supplier of glass concentrating on glass suitable for lighting and with many services relating to lighting
Warm Glass UK  One of two main competitors for Pearsons in the area of fused glass.  Warm Glass supply Bullseye glass in hobby and full sheet sizes
Holts Gems   A supplier of tools and gem stones for the jewellery trade