Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Debt Recovery Follow-up

I received an email today from the company (of which I am no longer a customer) saying that a lot of people have been getting such calls as I had.  This is their response.

Dear Customer,
It has again been brought to our attention that a number of customers have been receiving a large numbers of calls from other business directories claiming to be ourselves. The complaints have been appalling, some customers have been threatened with debt collection companies and being asked to pay bills of up to £10,000. These people who are pretending to be ourselves will contact you saying they are calling on behalf of 'UK Business Directory Ltd' They will then attempt to make you pay them by BACS payment not card payment, the reason they do this is because you can cancel your card and get your money back BUT you can never get your money back when you pay by BACS payment. Do not pay anybody by BACS payment unless you are 100% sure of who the company is your paying. These people are not debt collectors and will not turn up to your house, they are simply trying to scare people into paying for nothing.
UK Business Directory Ltd does not deal with any debt collection companies and never will do. We have also had complaints about other rude phone calls from companies or individuals swearing and using offensive language which is not acceptable. We have contacted the police and the trading standards and hopefully all these issues will be resolved. To try and combat this situation we now give out unique passwords to each customer and every time we call you we will quote this password to you. This will then assure you that you are speaking to UK Business Directory Ltd and not another company or persons. If you do not have or know your password please reply to this email and we will send you a new password.
At UK Business Directory Ltd we hope to make your advertising worthwhile to yourself and without unnecessary problems. If any of these problems relate to yourself or if you have any other questions please contact us via email or by telephone.