Friday, 14 November 2008

Little gifts

It is rare that I am asked to design and make something where I do not also have the responsibility for installation. It is even rarer when I have not seen the location nor the final installation. I always wonder about how they look in their final location.

In this case of seeing neither the location nor the completed installation the client sent me a photograph of the completed work today.

This is a door to a bathroom on the half landing. The criteria were to obscure the view into the bathroom, to provide colour to the landing, and to reflect the idea of water. This gives some idea of the result. Of course, the photograph was taken with light in front, so the interplay of the layered colours does not show as it might. Nor can the photograph show the tactile properties of the panels. The panels were fused twice - once with a flat fuse and some of the colour, and a second rounded fuse to give a little sense of apparent depth.

In spite of the limitations of the photograph, I am grateful to him for sending it.

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