Thursday, 14 May 2009

Preparing for the Exhibition

Artist-led exhibitions make me realise why we pay commissions to galleries.

I spent all of Wednesday making table like plinths for the exhibition.

These are simple objects that require stability, must be plain to avoid competing with the object(s) on it, and - in our case - must be flexible and easy to store.

Based on two different design suggestions, I have constructed a table supported -but not attached - on a pair of right angle support legs. These legs are hinged so the whole can be closed and stored flat. As the legs are hinged, each pair can be combined to form a square plinth with the addition of a top.

The process of construction is simple too - although it does take time. The four I made took most of the day with the usual interruptions.

First you use a butt hinge to make the right angle supports. This is arranged so the support cannot open beyond a right angle:

When this pair of supports is screwed together, you place them on the up-turned top and place battens round the supports for security:

Finally, turn upright and paint.

Of course there are all the monthly meetings that led up to this point over the last four months. And there will be the lengthy negotiations on Friday about placing the plinths, and hanging the work on the walls and in front of the windows. But it will be fine.

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