Friday, 20 November 2009

DIY Craft

I note Emma Walker’s encouragement for us all to embrace the DIY movement in the craftscotland website.

The idea of DIY craft has had to be explained to me. Emma gives a good description of what it is in the USA. My description is “Enthusiast”. Because craft is still largely an activity carried out by the person who imagines the object that they then create, it is still largely DIY. Technology increasingly plays a part in craft production and processes. But this is not about technology as far as I can see it.

It may be that I am being dense here, but I think I have been encouraging people to explore my medium for over 10 years. I have offered workshops and classes to many people. The studio I have been involved with, has offered open access facilities for people to create things for themselves. Some of these people have become dedicated workers – although not many have become full time workers. Most who have continued, make things for themselves and others. A few sell their work at craft fairs and through galleries.

This is what I understand the DIY movement people do too. I am not sure what has changed. Is it the volume of people newly interested in making things themselves? A number of suppliers of materials for various craft forms have long been kept alive by these enthusiasts/DIYers.

I guess I just don’t get it.

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