Thursday, 17 December 2009

Coupola Repair

Another of the things I accomplished over the last months was the creation of a balustrade around a skylight. The skylight has been illuminated by borrowed light from an window in the roof. This attic space has been converted to a bedroom and the previous box built over the skylight removed.

To make safe use of the room and still have the skylight illuminated by natural light I was requested to provide a glass balustrade round the skylight. With the help of others, the balustrade was finally completed. One unfortunate side effect of being very busy was to let another person take measurements. These proved to be wrong and so I needed to get the original wrongly cut and very heavy glass out and the new back up the stairs.

Another person helped to repair the broken pieces in the skylight and the whole now looks very good with the balustrade almost invisible.

How it will look when the light is on in the bedroom at night, I don't know. I hope the glass has enough texture to provide privacy.

The skylight illuminates a very large square central area leading to all the other ground floor rooms. It is to be used as a large dining room with much of the evening illumination coming through the skylight.

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