Wednesday, 4 August 2010

St Silas's Church Hall

You all may have felt that the Summer holidays had really gotten to me and I am doing no work at all. In part that is right - we did have a quiet holiday with one of my daughters. But also we are preparing to move into a new flat. All that work getting things the way we want, rather than the way the previous owners wanted! We are mostly there now.

This is part of what I am working on just now. This the bottom half of a circular window - 1600mm dia. - for St Serf's Church in the Woodlands area of Glasgow. The upper part only required a few replacements and re-attaching tie wires for the two saddle bars.

But this bottom piece when cleaned, showed that much of the lead was in poor condition, with breaks and tears. Much of the broken glass had been repaired with pieces too small, and in some places the holes in the glass was simply repaired by placing putty over the holes and cracks. Just too much was required to allow the refurbishment I had planned.

The image above shows the glass partially cleaned and removed from the lead. Except in a few cases where the glass was too broken up to hold together, the broken pieces were taped together to act as patterns for the replacement glass. The broken glass has had replacements cut. The glass pieces are now ready to be placed in boxes to await their turn in the leading process.

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