Monday, 6 September 2010

Encapsulating Leaded Glass Panels, 2

It has been a while - various excuses include moving house, preparing quotes, major Homes and Interiors, Scotland retail show, general inactivity, etc.

The leaded glass that was to be encapsulated has now been done.

This shows the inner view of the completed window sash - one of three. The frame was routed out to accommodate the extra width that the double glazing took up - in this case 12mm, so another 6mm had to be taken away from the frame. It also is now 18mm thick rather than the 8 or 9mm when it was simply leaded glass. This depth had to be taken from the frame too. The original check was about 12mm deep. An extra 10mm had to be taken away to accommodate the unit. This left a shallow area for a putty fillet of only 6mm.

When it is all painted, it will look very good.

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