Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sculpture Commission

Among the things to be done at Christmas time was to prepare a sculpture based on a previous one. This earlier piece - ca. 400 wide by 450 high and 150 deep - was formed from shaped strips that were fused and then shaped again before mounting in wood and steel.

In the case of this commission the client wanted a flat piece with a completely different colour scheme. It was one that is bolder than I normally commit to, but was completely appealing to me. The intention was to include various shades of red and green which can interact with each other. Depending on the viewpoint, each strip shades the colour of the next door strip.

This image gives the overall view of the piece. It is ca. 400mm wide by 330 high, mounted in wood and painted aluminum.

This image gives a detail of the piece showing a bit of the interaction of the colours.

What is important for me is that the client was delighted when she picked it up and was not worried at all by the delay.

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