Thursday, 12 January 2012

Glass Storage

During the holiday period, I decided to build a new glass storage unit to segregate my Bullseye stock from the rest of the glass, as it had been getting mixed up some times.

This is a view of my result.  The transparents are stored on the top row, and the tints, cut down clear, and opalescents on the lower row. The full sheets of tekta stand in a Bullseye crate at the side.  The cullet is stored over a section for segregating glass and some smaller finished projects.

The ladder leans against the bottles of powder that I have in a shop display unit that twirls around so you can get to the things at the back.

You can also see a corner of my cutting bench, with the knee of some one having a coffee with me at the time of taking the photo.

Now to get back to work.

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