Friday, 8 June 2012

Glass and Knitted Wire

After Glasgow International I found myself involved in a number of projects relating to degree and end of year shows.  My interest in these has led me to neglect blogging.  I am out to make amends now.

A student from Shetland College got in contact - upon a recommendation from Cheryl Jamieson - to arrange a few days in the studio to investigate the incorporation of wire knitted in Shetland into glass fired in Glasgow.  This might be the most far travelled set of pieces for an end of year show - this year at least.

We started the week off with a visit to The Dhabba, an Indian restaurant near to where she was staying.  Discussion with the owner revealed that his mother came from the same village in India as the student stayed with with her former husband. Lots and lots of gossip was traded in between mouthfuls of  good food.  It was one of the most enjoyable evenings in an Indian restaurant I have ever had.

The next day work started with lots of tests.

Translating work into a new medium is time consuming.  It turned out that she was relieved to be able to get a rest at last when five pm came around.

After three days of intensive work, I allowed a day off for shopping ( and a visit with her sister).

The piece I liked best was this one:

I think it is because it resembles a knitted sweater.  The folds in the glass are due to the kiln posts interfering with the glass as it slumped down from the supports to the underlying glass and knitted wire.  This was done to avoid the excessive bubbles some of the other pieces had even when supported at the corners with pieces of glass to let the air out during the bubble squeeze.

Other pieces of her work can be seen in the Shetland College end of year show.

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