Monday, 7 October 2013

Glass Bra

Another interesting project has come my way.   A burlesque artist approached me with a request for a glass bra.  She is going for an Arts Deco theme and took inspiration from the 1917 film Cleopatra staring Theda Bara

As you can see this was a very dramatic costume as well as having "theatrical" gestures.  The artist also found one part of the bra for sale on ebay.

This is a beaten copper or brass piece with a "jewel" set into the snake's head.  (I wonder how the two parts got separated?)

However the artist felt that a glass version would be more dramatic.  So we began experimenting to get the shapes right for her.  A cast was taken to ensure the pieces would be comfortable.  This was used to make a mould for the glass to drape over.

Fused shapes on mould

First trial
The first trial showed some design faults, requiring the snake's head to be holding the tail, so that it did not slip.  The head needed to be a bit larger, and the linkage system between the two cups improved.  The chain needed to be silver coloured and "flatter".

There were other pieces to be prepared for the costume too.  You will need to wait for the performance for the whole costume to be revealed.  I will add it here when I have the images.

And here is the whole costume:


Christina said...

Very interesting. Can't wait to see the whole thing.

Aviva said...

Wow!! :) said...

I have made a few glass bras. Make sure you have your paying customer sign a 'release of liability' form. Either get in touch with your lawyer, or see if it is legal through the notary. You do not want whoever wears it to 'accidentally' cut themselves if they were to break it.

Stephen Richard said...

I would be interested to see your versions of a bra in glass. Post a link if you like. Stephen