Monday, 28 March 2016

Bedroom Panels

This commission was for a boy's bedroom in an old building which has been completely refurbished while keeping as much of the original as possible.

The brief was to provide a lighting feature that would form part of the partition between the bedroom and the bathroom.  It needed to reflect sporting life, especially including tennis and football.  Other than that, we were given freedom to choose colours and specific figures, once the design concept was agreed.

This is the set of five panels installed over an almost 5 metre span.  The design was a collaboration between Dorte Pape and me.  It consists of football players, cyclists, swimmers, runners, tennis players and gymnasts.  The forms and shapes they make while playing are graphically represented.  We were pleased to note the blue of the glass was complimentary with the blue chosen for the walls.

This view from the window shows how the LED lighting throws colour onto the ceiling adding a third colour to the scheme of the room.

The figures are sandblasted onto both sides of the fused glass panels.  This gives some depth and variation in appearance depending on which side the light shines.  These panels show gymnasts, tennis players, runners and some swimmers.

These panels show more of the swimmers, cyclists and footballers.  Both these bathroom side panels show the different effect of where the light falls as to which side is emphasised.

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