Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Float Glass Experiments

It is well-known in kiln forming circles that float glass is inclined to devitrify with long, slow or repeated firings.  I decided to try to take advantage of this for a panel.

I shingled the strips of float and fired them at 835C for 10 minutes.  I expected a striped result with devitrified surfaces alternating with clear cut edges.

I didn’t get it, though.  Instead there were areas of mild devitrification, but no strong bands.

top, general view

View of the top ends of the strips

General view of the bottom

Detail view of the bottom ends of the strips

There was some evidence of devitrification at the ends of the strips where points were formed. 

Some pointed ends showing devitrification

Even when viewed in detail, there is little evidence of devitrification.  I continued, to do a slump, but even then, the tin bloom and devitrification did not show strongly.  Sometimes when you want an effect, you are unable to provoke it.

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