Sunday, 18 March 2018

West End Rebuild

I was called out to look at a door panel that had been broken because a delivery person decided to knock on the glass rather than the door frame.  In doing so, he broke one pane and unshipped some others.  The client and I agreed on a price.  In removing it, it became apparent that there were even more broken joints than I noticed initially.  When we got it back to the studio, we began preparations to take it apart and rebuild it.

Beginning the dismantling after taking a rubbing

Placing the dismantled pieces on the rubbing
After the rebuild, we installed the door panel with great success.

Installed door pane from the inside
Re-instated door panel from the outside
The replacement glass is not apparent without close inspection, all the glass is clean and the lead and joints are sound for a few more generations.

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