Monday, 2 June 2008

Bullseye glass delivery

I came back from Perth and the Future Focus conference to collect a shipment of glass from Bullseye.

It had been a while since I ordered glass from Bullseye so this delivery was one ton in weight. I collected the van from the car hire place and went to the airport freight terminal. The delivery charge by DHL or any other company is very high - in this case £150 for a four mile trip.

My first shock was how much the delivery charges have risen with the rise in jet fuel costs. The second shock came only after I opened the top of the first case. Much of the glass was broken.

The part of the case revealed here was against the pallet truck when I signed for it. I did not inspect the cases further until I began to unload the glass. It is clear that the forks have impacted the bottom of the crate rather than going under it.

The force of impact can be seen by how much the wood has been moved inward. The impact left only 26 out of 66 sheets intact. This is disappointing, as I have had no previous difficulty with DHL in air freighting glass from Oregon to Glasgow. The company so far seems to be dealing with the insurance, with me providing the evidence. I guess I will have to see how things progress.

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