Monday, 2 June 2008

Visit to glass exhibition

After the WASPS studios show, I packed up and went to London the next day to babysit for my daughter who came to Nairn for a birthday celebration and pampering with friends.

While there I went to the London Glassblowing Studio in the Leathermarket near Blackfriars train station. If you are passing there is always a display of glass in the gallery and often you can view people blowing glass. I went to see the Cohesion show called Blast!2008. This is a show of kiln formed work, which is unusal for the LGBS as they mostly show blown glass. It was also a bit odd. The Cohesion network is based in north east England, and I went from Glasgow to London to see it! Have a look at the items in the show. There is a lot of interesting stuff being done.

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