Monday, 14 July 2008

New Display Area

In spite of my frustrations with the slumping of a large dome, I have advanced on preparations for the WASPS Open Studios Weekend - information at By the way, my studio space before my occupation is shown on the right of the entrance through the two tall windows, one of which is a sliding door - great in the Summer.

I have decided to present some of the non-architectural work that I do in a more organised way, but without disrupting the operation of the studio. So I built a stepped plinth that can be viewed from the outside and allows people to move around inside the display too. An additional advantage of this arrangement, is that I increase my storage space, as I have put doors on one side of the plinths to take my crates of items waiting for distribution to galleries.

This image shows the view from the outside in the late afternoon sun. It features a range of the "flower" bowls that I have recently begun developing.

This shows the interior of the display that people will be able to walk into from the car park. Currently it shows a miscellaneous group of platters and "spiral" bowls. Soon this will be changed to another current series of works under the general title "Margins of the Day". The glass cases behind contain a miscellaneous collection of materials, and the windows a mish mash of maquettes etc.

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