Wednesday, 2 July 2008

SGS exhibition

I am pleased to report that I got two pieces into the Scottish Glass Society Annual Exhibition. The two pieces chosen are the ones following:

This one "Briar Rose" is a shallow bowl of 200mm diameter. I have made it by fusing pale blue opal under clear. I then sifted powders onto the glass and moved it around to give shading between each firing. I made some balls of glass and placed them on with some frit to make the centre and tack fused them to the bowl to give some texture.

"Australian Bloom" is based on a photograph of a flower that I took while in Australia. I have no idea what the flower's name may be, but was impressed by its shape and colour. Again, I used powders sifted onto the fused bases and pulled a needle through the powders before firing to give the impression of the veins. This is bigger at 400mm diameter.

I will see what the reactions are to these pieces at the opening.

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