Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Christmas Holiday and Shock

I have had a nice Christmas in London with wife, daughter and grandchildren. I got to clear out an old garden shed that I have been wanting to attack for months and months. It only took two days.

Lazy walks around the Peckham area of London led me to a cemetary that still is in use, but has some very overgrown areas down hill. I found this gravestone still standing upright, although leaning a bit. It is a poignant reminder of how life has been for some and how it could have been for me. The stone records the death of three children, one Dorothy at five months in 1901; another, Irene at 12 weeks in 1903, and then Philip John Woodman at ninteen years of age, fighting in Gaza in 1917. There is no nearby grave of their parents.

When I came home from the walk, I found that Gaza was once again under attack. It was a shock to me, this co-incidence. How long must this fighting go on?

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