Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Among the other things I have been doing is developing an idea I had last spring. As you can see my ideas have a long gestation period! The idea was to develop something a little different for seaside places. Many galleries and gift shops have two dimensional boats for sale.

I thought I could do something different by adding a shape to the pieces providing a sense of movement. This has gone through several refinements and many mould variations until I came up with these.

This picture represents the first of the "just beyond prototype" pieces. I am about to to round galleries to find out if my enthusiasm is met with theirs.

The two sails on this version - there will be others if these are of interest - are shaped, while the hull and mast remain a single plane. As one sailing acquaintance said to me, they are sailing pretty near the wind and should be leaning toward the viewer. I think it is better to have them vertical until the public tells me differently.

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