Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Guild of Master Craftsmen (and women)

I have just received a letter to say that I have been elected to membership of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. This is a long established organisation which provides quality assurance for the client and a range of services to ensure the client receives an excellent service and product and has a means to seek redress if anything were to go wrong. To be accepted my premises were inspected, the quality of work in progress was assessed, and a number of recent clients were contacted to provide information on my customer service, and their opinion of my work for them. The application then goes to the Council of the Guild for consideration.

It of course provides access to insurances and other business backup for the craftsperson.

Mostly, for me it provides an assurance for the potential client that my work is up to standard even though I not have the best website or advertisement.


Anonymous said...

Very glad for you Stephen! In my book, you certainly qualify as a master craftsman, and a significant mover and shaker in the world of glass art! Enjoy!


Gordon Watt said...

Congratulations - although, I'll warn you now, my digger driver is a member too!

Angela said...

Congratulations, quite an achievement - your tips are really useful by the way, I return to them often

Stained Glass said...

I like to know about your organisation. One thing I like the most about your organisation and that is they provides quality assurance for the client which is very nice thing.