Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stair Windows

One of the pieces of work I have been involved with over the past weeks is the painting and staining of four windows for a stair for a glazing company.

The panel at the top (shown below) is approximately 580 mm wide by 700 mm high

The lower panel is 580 mm wide by 1090 mm high.

These required tracing paints for the main lines of the images, and shading green in addition to some shading brown for variation.  This required a number of firings to complete the high temperature phase of the firings.

The stains were of three kinds - dark amber stain, orange #1, and Yellow #3.  A considerable amount of testing was required to find the colours and then the correct intensities, as the lower panel had to be paler than the upper one.

The big kiln was a life saver in terms of time, as two could be put into the kiln at the same time, saving by a half of the firing time and cost.

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