Monday, 21 November 2011

Acid etching

A while back I had a referral from Aberdeenshire (Thank you Gordon at Morning Glass Design) for acid etching some red flashed glass for a stair window.  The broken glass was removed by the client and taped together.  It was then sent in the post and arrived in the following state:

I copied the design by cutting into the resist to allow the hydrofluoric acid to etch away the red surface until the clear was revealed.  Because the flash was thick on two of the pieces, they were in the acid bath for a total of 6 hours over two days.

This is a picture of the panels just out of the etching process and having been cleaned, they are drying.

When dry, the remaining resist is removed and the powdered glass cleaned from the glass.  This gives the result shown below.

These have now been packed up in a plywood box with lots of cushioning and sent by courier to the owners in Turriff.

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