Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Glasgow Underground

This seems to have been a time for miscellaneous projects.

The latest has been to fire transfers onto very large ceramic tiles for the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport to be placed on a wall of the Hillhead Underground Station. These have been designed by Alasdair Gray and the project is managed by Perfect Circle.

A peek at the fired pieces:

Some of the pieces cooling in the kiln

Some more pieces waiting to come out 

Another kiln load

These tiles are the largest I have ever seen (I suppose about 1000 mm by 600mm).  They are porcelain made in Italy and then water jet cut in Glasgow before being fired to remove the anti-graffiti coating and then having the transfers added.

Unfortunately there were several breakages due to the acute angles cut into the tiles.  The use of a 4 mm drill at the apex of the cut proved to be enough to stop the breaks.  So now it is up to the tilers - who will only be able to work from midnight to 5:00am - to get them up without breaking any of them.  It may be a large demand.

I have seen the image of the whole and it will be an impressive sight when installed.

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