Monday, 25 April 2016


Almost nine months ago while travelling through showers and sunny intervals, I came over the top of the hill from Berridale to see some of the bays surrounded by cliffs highlighted in the sun.  

I have since been doing a few experiments to try to represent the view. Now I have produced the first two of the Headlands series that I am happy with. 

HeadlandsI from the left

HeadlandsI from the front

HeadlandsI from the right
 The multiple processes of cutting, grinding, shaping and the kiln time used to realise these pieces are not the important elements, it is the attempt to give a feel of the place on a small scale.

HeadlandsII from the right

HeadlandsII from the left
I now need to decide which of these two is to be entered for an exhibition this Autumn.

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Anonymous said...

Nice designs of glass. It is really fantastic and artistic. Glass house in Haryana really praises it.