Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Airdrie Town Centre

I have been remiss in letting people know what I have been doing over the past many months.  I will now try to rectify that with more regular postings.

The town centre has a balustrade to separate the walkway from parking below, and to keep people safe.  

This has long incorporated a number of screen printed images related to the activities in the town.  

Vandals had managed to break one of the discs and it was decided to incorporate a image more directly associated with the Airdrie Cross.  It was also to commemorate the local historical society.  The task for me was to incorporate an image from the Airdrie Historical Society. 

This involved deciding how to crop the image, getting a transfer printed, determining where to place the holes and firing the image. All this was completed successfully, although I have not yet been out to photograph the piece in position.

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