Saturday, 17 January 2009

Bathroom Window Repair

These two sashes had a number of breaks in them and needed repairs after a window refurbishment. Yes, the dark central object in the left image is a mirror. I thought this to be an addition later in the life of the window. The client wanted rid of it as it had begun to corrode and just did not look to be suitable.

The extra lines that you see as shadows are outside bars for security, as this window looks onto a passage.
Imagine my surprise as we took off the protective glazing from the outside to find that the mirror had its own protective glazing too. The 4mm mirror had a 2mm sheet of glass on its outside protecting the silvered back. This was installed in a high heart lead, which shows that this feature was original.

(The above photos were taken at 8:30 am, as the sun was beginning to rise.)

As requested, a new coloured piece of glass was installed at the same time as the repairs were carried out. The colour was selected to match with the small petal shape at the bottom centre of the window.

(These photos were taken at about 3:00 pm - sunset at about 5:00pm)
I agree with the client that the window looks much better with colour rather than a mirror at the centre of the window. It shows that there is always something to learn about stained glass.

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