Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Lamp Repairs

Months and months ago - it must have been early autumn - a person brought in three lamps of sentimental attachment which had been damaged. The pair of wall lamps below were damaged in moving. They probably are of 1960's vintage. The one on the left had most of the front panel dissasembled, but without being broken and was presented in pieces to be put back together in the correct arrangement. The one on the right had only a few pieces at the bottom displaced.

The one that was most interesting was the one below. It had been disassembled at some time in the past as it was presented to me with six curved panels, sometimes with the blue and orange pieces attached sometimes not. So this was a process of seeing which "petals" fitted the curved panel best, and then seeing which panel fitted best beside which one.

Finally they are all back together and will be be picked up on Friday.

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