Thursday, 29 January 2009

Rutherglen Door

I just got a photo of a door installed just before Christmas. This had a large number of broken pieces and a lot of lead with broken joints. The ties had come off the glazing bar.

The objective was to make the repairs look as much as possible as though they were original. The main concern was to get the large central piece which was badly broken look as near the original as possible, given that the texture of the original glass has been unavailable for many decades.

I chose a roughly textured clear granite, although it was more finely textured than the original, for its similarity to the original. Then I had to change the colour. Simply adding a silver stain would have made the piece too bright. Instead I matted the piece with an sepia umber on one side and stained the other. This gave the bronze colour wanted. As the original was not evenly coloured, I took the liberty of allowing areas of more intense colour to remain.

I am pleased with the result in that my additions are not obvious, and the central emblem has the character of the original.

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