Thursday, 25 June 2009


I was asked a few months ago to create a side light. After discussions it was decided that it should be an image that reflected some aspects of the Tuscany area of Italy. It was also requested that light colours be used to allow lots of light to continue to come into the hallway. Other requirements were for fields of sunflowers and poppies along with a Tuscan style house with smoke coming from the chimney.

This was a difficult set of requirements to fill. First, the opening was a little over 12 inches wide and 66 inches tall. It also is to be placed in a double glazed unit for installation. This was an advantage as the piece would not require glazing bars to stabilise it, even though turning the panel during construction would still be difficult.

The Internet is so useful in these kinds of situations. I have never been in Tuscany, but I could look at pictures of Tuscany and get ideas of the countryside without leaving my chair. This meant that I could use a composite of images to create my own interpretation. Estate agents in Tuscany have taken to promoting houses for sale over the Internet and in English. This allowed me to get an idea of country houses in the area and create a terracotta roofed house for the clients.

The poppy fields were created by etching away the red glass flashed on a green base. You can see these at the bottom right and two thirds up on the right. The fields of sunflowers were created by using brown and green paints on a yellow glass. The trees lining the road were also painted to give some idea of the variegation of the tree foliage.

The whole is, of course, graphic rather than realistic. It does convey the hilly nature of the terrain and the brightness of the countryside.

This is now in the glaziers shop being put into a double glazing unit and will then be installed in the house in Dunoon.

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