Wednesday, 15 June 2011


At the same time I was participating in the Parade Artists show, I was also demonstrating the construction of stained glass windows at panel scale. This was part of a whole range of activities being done in the church during the day on Saturday. Junko Eager was demonstrating glass engraving, Alistair Gray was doing quick portraits for donations to the church, there was a photographer giving information on improving photography, children were painting faces on gas filled balloons and releasing them to fly across Glasgow. There were other things going on too - too many to mention really.

So you get to see me in action soldering a simple art deco style panel that I cut, leaded and soldered through the day.

I also continued work on cutting a second panel during the afternoon as things began to get more busy.

Sometimes I worked in isolation and other times with people looking closely at what I was doing. As you can see the altar was just the right height to work upon - no sacrilege meant or taken.

Near the end of the day one person I was talking to insisted on buying the art deco panel. It made my day in an odd way.

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Anonymous said...

Add a rondel, I know what it means to stand around all day working on that window for the public, and a rondel and the story behind it, add's smore, if needed. Otherwise, Thanks for posting your nice article and design, good for You,:) Glazmon Earl"E"