Tuesday, 14 June 2011

West End Festival

This year I participated in the West End Festival rather than just attending some of the events. I participated with the Parade Artists in a craft and arts show in Lansdowne Church last weekend.

It was a strenuous show as the props and stock had to be taken through the church and up to the first floor. Then decanted to the ground floor on Friday night before setting up again on Saturday. These photos show the latter stages of setting up for the Saturday show

Emilka the organiser (standing) and Emma Jo (sitting as she has already set every thing of hers up).

Some of the ceramics, textiles, and painting set up. Waiting for paintings for the easels

Glass (with Dorte in front), Textiles, Ceramics and the Sales Desk

Vicky rushing to the next task past some of the texties and ceramics

This proved to be one of the easiest and cheerful of recent shows as everyone participated in getting the show arranged, set up and stocked. It was of course very physical and I felt it on Sunday.

The sales were moderate, but we received a lot of comment on the quality of materials, and some members have said they would be interested in doing it again next year.

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