Saturday, 17 December 2011

Déjà vue

It is strange how if you keep practicing in one area for a time, you get to see things a second time.  This happened to me with South park Avenue and now it has happened with a door in Scotstoun.

I first saw this door about 15 years ago as a result of pellet damage.  Approximately where the masking tape crosses below the left hand side of the central medallion, there was a hole probably caused by a pellet gun.  I did not have the expertise to fill this hole and so asked Linda Cannon - who is now part of Cannon MacInnes - to see if she could repair this with resin, which she did to great effect.  

Unfortunately during the windy weather we have been having recently, the builders working on the house left the back and front doors open.  The wind did the inevitable and blew the front door shut, breaking the glass.  As this seems to be the last of these doors in the locality, the owners are keen to have a reproduction made.

The whole window has an arts nouveau feel about it although the central image seems to come from an older time.  It is certainly worth reproducing as faithfully as possible.  Linda and are placing bids for the work.

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