Saturday, 20 September 2008

More Hyndland Work

Repeat business is not a common feature of this business, but referal is. Shortly after compelting the installation of reproduction fanlight windows for a flat, the upstairs neighbour visited and did not like the comparison of the new windows to his old muranese patterned glass. So he asked me to replace his fanlights as I had done for his downstairs neighbour.

By the way, muranese glass has little to do with Murano. The pattern was produced in Glasgow for many years in a factory located in Murano Street, in the Maryhill area of Glasgow. It was popular around the West of Scotland and clearly much further afield than that, as it has come to be reproduced by Wissmach Glass Co in the USA. The modern glass has a smaller pattern and is sharper and deeper in its patterning that the original is.

Back to the glass. You can see from these three photos, that a liveliness is imparted to the hallway by these fanlights.

Now the client has asked me to provide reproductions for the three paneled light above the bath.

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