Friday, 13 February 2009


I continue to play with simple forms and let them take me where they seem to go.

I have used two variations of a simple sinuous form. One tapers at the ends, and the other is square cut. This first version with the tapered form seemed destined to be arranged on a circular form and represent to me the repetition of a dance movement.

Dancers 1

I also created a variation of the tapered sinuous form in black iridescent glass. This seemed to me to requrie a completely different form to contain the shapes. Again the theme is dance, but the form of the dance requires the platter to be shaped to reflect the interior.

Dancers 2

By combining shapes from different ends of the sheet, a vairation in tone was achieved. Again, the platter's shape needed to reflect the interior, but in a slightly different way.

Dancers 3

This series of pieces is providing me with enjoyment and a distinct way of working. It goes from the choice of a simple shape or pattern and grows outward in a playful manner toward an expression of a external but un-realised world.

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