Saturday, 7 February 2009

Leaf patterns

Now that I have completed my back log of restorations and repairs, I have been devoting some time to putting things into the kiln while I think of the realisation of the piece for the SGS exhibition.

I began an exercise of using "parts" to make up the designs. In these I took the shapes of some leaves and cut a number, leaving the decision of how to place them until a required number had been cut. The number required was determined by tossing each one as cut onto the base glass providing an almost random pattern. Of course, I could not resist arranging a few in a better way! The first reminds me of the current scene out doors. There is greenery around, but frost on the ground. These brown leaves have a reminder of frost on their surfaces.

Autumn Leaves

Using the same leaf shapes, I continued to cut and distribute the shapes over the base glass. This time, I varied the colours of the shapes and added some shading.

Green Leaves

This exercise has provided a couple of pleasing square platters and begins to lead me away from the rigid requirements of restoration, repair and reproduction.

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