Thursday, 19 February 2009

Leaded Glass Adaptations

I just discovered a photo of an adaptation I made for a client in Larkhall.

This now occupies the fanlight over a door, although it started life as two separate "Peep-overs" as those in the West of Scotland often call these privacy panels that were often installed at the bottom of ground floor windows. This reduced direct vision into the house. Possibly because we have so few sunny days, we like to keep our curtains open at all hours. In the spring and autumn, you can have great entertainment just walking along the street and looking in at the interior decorations of the houses.

In this case these had been removed from the original house and purchased by my client's sister. The object was to adapt the pieces that had curved tops to the fanlight opening and put a red border round the whole. I am pleased with the result and, more importantly, so is the client

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