Friday, 21 March 2008


During the week I created a shaped top for a dome.

This is 550mm in diameter and is 90mm high. The rim will be cut to fit the opening on site.

This shows the great flexibility of glass. This was done in clear glass, but can be done in any coloured glass. The method used allows a completely unmarked dome to be made. When looking through it, there are no distortions.

I am now asked to make another in etched and painted glass for the same client. This will be for a much more decorative part of the house.

For those interested here is a bit on how this dome was made.

The specification was for a 550mm diameter dome shaped piece with a height of 90mm. To do this I cut the required diameter hole from 10mm ceramic fibre board of 700mm square. I lightly sanded the edges of the hole and fired the piece in the kiln to remove the binders.

I then suspended the board on an circle of kiln bricks, looking rather like Stonehenge, but without the lintels. I placed the board on top and centred the 3mm float glass over the hole. I then fired at 250C/hr to 620C. It took a little over two hours at 620C for it to complete its slump to 90mm. Had the glass been thicker, it would have achieved its drop more quickly.

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