Saturday, 22 March 2008

Public installations

Although I am new to the process of blogging, I have been involved with glass for quite a while as you can see from my CV posted earlier.

It seems appropriate to indicate some of the larger public installations that I have completed.

This one, entitled "Don't Rain on My Parade" is one of a series installed in a cocktail bar originally entitled Bloody Mary's but because of a legal dispute has been renamed with an anagram of the original title. It is made from a combination of fused glass and brass shim. This is located in Glasgow's trendy West End.

Another project which was much less intimate in scale was for the Glasgow City Parks Department. This piece is 4 metres high. The subject matter was determined by the Parks Department. The steel frame was made to my design, after the specifications for the whole installation were decided. This picture shows it installed at the Hampton Palace Garden Show with water flowing toward the viewer. It was later installed at the Glasgow Garden Show and is now permanently installed in Queens' Park, Glasgow.

This pair of panels was made for the Glasgow University staff bar. Is there a theme here about watering holes? The University decided to close the staff bar and use the space for lecture rooms. You would never think this could happen in Calvinistic Scotland, would you? I removed these panels just before the renovations were begun to make sure they were not damaged. They are pictured here before they were returned to the University and installed in light boxes.

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