Sunday, 23 March 2008

Public installations 2

There has been a gap in my postings as several events have occurred. First my niece had a big wedding at which I got to wear a complete highland outfit, using the Flower of Scotland tartan. Next day was my birthday, so our side of the wedding party came to the house - hungover or not - and we had food and drinks. Third and I am sure it was nothing to do with all this, I got flu and spent several days in bed. Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to it.

To continue with some of the public installations I have designed.

The Scottish Football Association constructed a new stand round Hampden Park, the national football (soccer for the USA people). I was asked to design and install a ceiling for the reception offices of the SFA. Below are some pictures of it. Although I had asked for and was assured that a 1 metre high light box would be constructed, it in the end was only 300mm high. This means the light is not diffused as well as it should be, leading to a stripey effect.

The first photo shows the piece as installed on Christmas eve minus one day. Only the last panel remains to be installed. The lighting has no chance to diffuse round the whole of the installation.

This second photo shows the ceiling as it exists today. Extra lighting was put in place, but still the striped effect is visible. Still, I am happy with the images of the shapes made by footballers in action. I did sneak in one female footballer.

SFA Offices. Fused glass in steel frame 4m x 3m

Earlier that year I finished another ceiling panel. This time it was a skylight. It is installed in Miller's Bistro, North Berwick. The theme relates to the hills and rocks around the area, and to the sea and the birds of the area.

Miller's Bistro upon completion, daylight. Fused glass and steel frame, 3m square

Another restaurant installation is at Rococo, an excellent Glasgow restaurant. This is based on Australian Aboriginal sand paintings. It is set out 100mm from the wall on bolts with copper spacers and illuminated with overhead spotlights.

Dream Time 1. Fused glass applied to sandblasted safety sheet glass, 1500mm x 800mm

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